Club Membership

2019 Membership is now due for Tempo Maguires GAC

Membership of Tempo Maguires GAC has many benefits of which include the following:

  • Being an official member of the most famous and traditional organisation in the country and being registered officially with Croke Park. Members can now apply to Croke Park for a free membership card. This card will enable you to avail of partner discounts, special offers and earn points for going to games. Points can be redeemed by individual members or pooled for redemption by GAA clubs.
  • Giving support to your club, both financially through the membership fee, but more importantly through participation in club activities.
  • Having a say in how the club is run through attendance and voting at monthly meetings and at the Annual General Meeting.

Players not listed as Club Members are ineligible to take part in training or matches for Tempo Maguires GAC. All Trustees, Officers, Committee Members and Officials must be current members.

Membership rates for 2019 are as follows:

■ Adult – £25 ■Youth – £10 ■ Family – £50 ■

Membership must be paid for 2019 before 31st March 2019.

Membership can be paid online by card, by cash to the relevant committee member or by cheque made payable to Tempo Maguires GAC.

To start or renew your membership with Tempo Maguires GAC onlin, please visit the KlubFunder website, fill in the details and pay your membership using a debit or credit card.

Alternatively, please contact any committee member.