Club Eirne blitz

In Lissan, this Saturday. Blitz starts at 10.30am, players to meet at 10am to get teams sorted and warmed up. Open to all P5 and P6 children, there will also be an opportunity to meet our County heroes from 12.30.  Children to bring gumshields, boots as normal, and a drink and snack.

Tempo Og

Tempo Og on the pitch in Tempo tomorrow as normal, from 12 to 1pm. Closely followed by the seniors match with Teemore. 

All children reminded to bring warm clothes, boots, gum Shields and their own water bottles where possible.

Tempo Og

Primary school children are reminded that Tempo Og will resume tomorrow after a 2 week break. It will be on the pitch at 12pm. Gumshields are compulsory, and warm clothes should be worn.

Fermanagh Go Games Launch ~ Bawnacre Centre, Irvinestown on Saturday

Tempo U10.5 (P5s & P6s) players are playing at the Fermanagh Go-Games blitz in Irvinestown this Saturday, 2nd April. Players are asked to be at the Bawnacre for 10.30am, first game will start at 11am. The blitz will be over by 1pm.

Children should arrive togged out, bring boots (no steel studs), a coat and warm clothes, a drink and gumshield (compulsory). No gumshield means children will not be allowed to play.

Please note that photographs may be taken during the blitz to be used for promotional/development purposes by Fermanagh GAA / Tempo GAA. As part of registration our club understands and permits this use. 

Format as follows:

  1. 7 Aside (max 5 subs)

  2. U10½ (up to & including players in P.6 in 2014)

  3. Boys and Girls

  4. 7 minutes a game (no half-time)

  5. 3 minutes turn around

  6. All Games will start & Stop on the hooter

  7. 3 points for a point

  8. 1 point for  a goal

All club Official and players are reminded of the ‘Give Respect Get Respect’ Policy


U8 blitz at Lakeland Forum

Tempo U8s (pictured below with Fermanagh captain Eoin Donnelly) enjoyed the 2nd blitz in recent weeks at the Lakeland Forum organised by Belnaleck GFC. Many thanks to the coaches and parents and to the children themselves who made this another entertaining day for our young footballers. IMG_0299b