Feile schedule for Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th

Saturday 24th
• 10:30am Game vs Davitts @ Tempo, Group Game 3
Host Parents will bring the kids to Tempo for 9.30am
• Shield and Cup ¼ Finals will be in Corlough County Cavan
• Time of Game 4 will be dependent on where we finish in the group
• 4th = Game @ 2pm, 3rd = Game @ 2:45pm,
2nd = Game @ 3:30pm, 1st = Game @ 4:15pm
• Tempo Maguires to Corlough Gaa is 45mins by car
• Social Event in Tempo Maguires Clubrooms at 7pm – 9pm approximately
Sunday 25th

• Sunday is more fluid and depends on progress on Saturday. Details will be clearer at the social event in the clubrooms on Saturday night.

• If Tempo win Game 4 on Saturday we will play on Sunday in Devennish St Marys GAA Ground (Garrison)
• Tempo to Garrison is 51 minutes by Car
• Shield Semi Final 10:30am and 11:15am
• Cup Semi Finals at 12am and 12:45am

• Shield and Cup finals are at 2:45pm and 3:30pm in Derrygonnelly
• Garrison to Derrygonnelly is 21 minutes by Car

Feile Schedule Updated for Friday 23rd June

Friday 23rd
• Davitts (our visiting club) will Arrive at Tempo Maguires at 2:15pm
• Meet with those present (all welcome) from Tempo for a cup of tea and chat in clubrooms
• Tempo players to be at clubrooms no later than 3.30pm but any time from 2.15pm onwards (wear half zips & skinnies) THERE WILL BE SOME PHOTOS TO BE TAKEN.

•. Depart Tempo at 4pm for Ederney BT93 0EE, UK

• Arrive at Ederney GAA AT 4.45pm

• Both pitches will Be used in Ederney.
• 5:30pm Tempo vs Ederney , Group Game 1
• Followed by Tempo vs Gloucestershire , Group Game 2
• Depart Ederney circa 7.45pm
• Arrive back in Tempo circa 8.30pm for handover of Kids and meet host families
Keep an eye here for further updates.