Lotto Rota 2018

The rota for Lotto duties for 2018 has been updated and can be found using the following link:

Alternatively, go to Club Tempo tab and select Lotto Rota from there.

The lotto rota requests that you be available for 2 Saturday nights in the year to help sort and sell tickets. If unavailable for any of these, please try to arrange for someone else to take your place, or swap with someone from a different week.



Canon Marron Memorial Playing Fields

A Chairde,

I write to ask for your help with a major project that the club is undertaking.  As you will be aware we are trying to develop the field which runs along the Edenmore road into a first-class and state-of the-art playing and training facility.  This facility will proudly bear the name, “The Canon Marron Memorial Playing Fields”.

The sole purpose of this facility is to give the young people of the parish – boys and girls, the facilities that they deserve on which to play the sport that they love.  At present, there is so much activity on the main field that on many occasions’ games and training have to be cancelled.  In 2017 our senior team had to out-source training and travel to Clogher, Enniskillen and Irvinestown at very short notice in order to train.  This is not to mention the affects that were felt on under-age teams – the devastating and disheartening effect that the cancellation of training and games had on our young people because our only pitch was unplayable.

When the development project is completed we will have state-of-the art playing and training facilities, we will have a floodlit walkway and we will have additional car-parking which will be a huge benefit to the long-suffering residents of Edenmore who are seriously inconvenienced on match days.  But most importantly we will have a place where our children can meet, develop as players, make friends, grow in confidence, mature as people and learn valuable life-lessons that can only be augmented through being part of a team.  And not just a team – a club, a very special community.

As parents we are all aware of the lure of computer games and the virtual world, it is now more vital than ever that we have attractive facilities to get our young people away from the screen and out into the fresh air.  In order make this dream come true for our children, the future generations of Tempo, we implore you as parents to get involved in fund-raising by selling tickets for our Grand Draw. This will require sacrifice in terms of giving up your time.  It’s not easy to ask people to buy a ticket, but you’d be surprised how positively people respond – especially when they hear that the proceeds will benefit children.  Recently we held our AGM.  The average age of the attendees was around 50, sadly we will never competitively play on that field, but we don’t do this for ourselves – we do it for the children of Tempo – our young Maguire’s, our children and grandchildren.

I hope that you can make time to help out our club.  We hope to have a focused period of fund-raising which should involve only one evening a week for a short time.  The more people involved, the less everyone has to do.  Give Michael and Marian Corry a call on 028 895 41 782 for more information on how you can get involved.

At this time of year we are hit from all directions with requests for help and support – usually financial and rightly so.  Sometimes it’s so overwhelming that we feel a real sense of guilt at being unable to contribute to everything, but the club is only asking for your time.  Your reward will be seeing this field finished and knowing that you played a part in making this solid testament of our excellence and dedication for generations to come.  Your efforts will be evidenced in the dark native soil of Tempo, the emerald green sward, the black asphalt of the walkway and car park – your time will be in the spirit of this ground.  Surely you want to be part of that?  Surely you want to see your children, play, enjoy and succeed as young athletes? Surely you want to stand at the grand opening and dedication of this park and be fit to say “I played my part”!

Congratulations Eamon Kelly

Congratulations to Eamon Kelly, the latest £500 winner from Club Tempo quarterly draws. Pictured are Fermanagh ladies stars and All-Ireland finalists Nicola and Blaithin who drew out the winning number. Thanks to the two girls and we hope you enjoy your day on the hallowed turf of  Croke Park on Sunday and bring the All Ireland junior championship trophy back to Fermanagh.