An important message from Tempo Maguires GAC

An important message from Tempo Maguires GAC:

Due to the restrictions put in place in March as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, as a club, we had moved to only operating our lotto online and had suspended the use of envelopes to play due to the potential of transmitting the virus.
We are aware that this has been a very challenging period for the whole community. As a club, we have been heavily involved in efforts to aid and assist vulnerable people access vital services during the lockdown period.
We are also embarking on a very significant development that will be of enormous benefit to those who live in this area, not only those who play our games. The money we raise through fundraising such as our lotto is all ploughed back into the running of our club and the maintenance and enhancement of our facilities.
We are delighted to announce that with immediate effect we are reintroducing the option for people to play using our envelopes along with maintaining our online sales option at that has proven very popular with people. We are putting a range of new safeguards in place, including providing self adhesive envelopes to avoid people having to lick them to seal them.
We intend to maintain our current jackpot of £10,000 (even if it is won) but in order to do so and to make it a viable proposition, we need to make a small adjustment to the current configuration. Therefore, for all draws that take place on or after Saturday 15th August, those who chose to play our lotto will have to choose 4 numbers from 32 rather than the current 4 numbers from 28.
We thank you for your continuing support.
Tempo Maguires GAC
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